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Antonio Bueno

"Art, for me, must make us think. I try to tackle fairly dramatic themes in a playful way with a light-hearted approach.

I would like visitors to my exhibitions to have fun and feel like they are in an amusement park"

Fabio Giampietro was born in 1974 in Milan where he lives and works. Through his characteristic technique of painting with the subtraction of oil color from the canvas, he expresses a very strong and intense figurative painting. When observing one of Giampietro's works, you feel a dual sensation: that sense of panic felt on an airplane before jumping out and then that sense of freedom when the parachute opens up; it's like that "Why did I get myself into this?" while standing on a cliff in the sea and then that sense of wanting to do it all over again once you dive into the crystal-clear water. His atmospheres bring to mind the dream landscapes from the movie Inception, skyscrapers in Spiderman's New York or Gotham City; and how can one ever forget the photograph symbolizing that tragic 9/11 with the Twin Towers in flames. Giampietro is a highly contemporary artist and describes the present, creating distorted urban environments; we find ourselves hurled into a frightening vor-tex, but at the same time one with a frenetic vitality that is as typical of daily life as it is of agitated dreams.


Female portrait


Oil on hardboard

20 x 30 cm 

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