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Mimmo Rotella

“I love fusions. In my style you can see a strong imprinting of writing and comics, advertising graphics, illustration, tattoo and painting"

Wany, the pseudonym with which he signed his graffiti on the walls of his city, has been known since the age of 12. His art has its roots in the New York metropolitan writing and graffiti art of the 80s, yet managing to find an original and perfectly recognizable language. The influences of Japanese cartoons and comics are clear, which inspired the artist as art director for several years in a publishing house specializing in comics, and of hip hop culture, which he also absorbed thanks to his past as a professional dancer. In his works we find quotes from music, cinema and pop culture. The thousand facets of this artist come to life in each of his works, in which surreal characters, sometimes almost scary puppets, show weaknesses, frenzy and human conditions in a dreamlike and exaggerated world




Mix media on canvas

22 x 22 cm

Abecedary, A, 50 x 50.jpg



Mix media on canvas

50 x 50 cm


Syncopated thoughts


Enamel and spray on canvas

100 x 70 cm

Mr Wany, bird dead, 100x100_edited.jpg

Bird Dead


Mix media on canvas

120 x 100 cm

Gommarosa, 32 x 42, mix media on paper.jpg

Pink Bubblegum


Mix media on paper

32 x 42 cm

Donald Duck BBoy, 32 x 42, mix media on paper.jpg

Donald Duck Boy


Mix media on paper

32 x 42 cm

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