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Dalì - 30 Years After the Genius

December 14 2019 - January 28 2020

The gallery ART&CO Parma is pleased to inaugurate the solo exhibition Salvador Dalì - 30 Years After the Genius hosting more than twenty paintings and sculptures created by the extraordinary artist Salvador Dalì who died on 23 January 1989 such as the clock of The Persistence of Memory or the figure of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, both symbols closely related to the theme of the dream and Surrealism. There are also works that make references to Gala, Greek Mythology and Tarot cards as in the case of Surrealism King. Thirty years after his death, ART&CO Parma with the Patronage of the City of Parma decide to celebrate the fascinating figure of Salvador Dalì in a show that describes his madness and genius. The exhibition also marks the beginning of an important collaboration with The Dalì Universe, an international private foundation that manages one of the largest collections by Salvador Dalì in the world. By virtue of the appointment of the Italian Ministry of Culture as PARMA-CAPITAL OF ITALIAN CULTURE 2020, ART&CO also proposes the inclusion of some monumental sculptures by Dali along its urban context.

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