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From the Avant-Garde to the Contemporary

ART&CO Parma is proud to present a new and multifaceted exhibition that aims to rediscover the meaning of our being Contemporary: the charisma of the Avant-garde. From the unscrupulousness of Pablo Picasso to the audacity of Simone D'Auria, from the vigor of Mimmo Rotella to the freedom of Antonio Longo, from the delicacy of Michele Cascella to the nostalgic touch of Paolo De Cuarto, up to the iconicity of the sign of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring . The collective journey created by Part&Co Parma exhibits some of the flagships of its prestigious collection, a heritage that includes masterpieces by the Masters of the 20th century and very famous names on the current art market. In fact, today's art is born not only from the free feeling of its creators, but is constantly nourished by the precious teachings of those who were able to initially inspire it. The Masters Cascella, Picasso, Haring and Warhol know this well, that is to say the pioneers of a school that broke the dictates of tradition to rejoin a more authentic artistic practice. Their works thus become an important lesson to listen to or rather to contemplate in every detail: a hymn against loneliness and discrimination in favor of sharing and diversity. Finally, devoted only to themselves and to an indomitable desire for artistic expression, the future Masters of Today such as Simone D'Auria, Marco Catellani, Antonio Longo, Andrea Terenziani and Matteo Mezzadri reinterpret without filters their particular idea of ​​the Avant-garde, maximizing the vitality and dynamism that seem to invade and almost crush the 21st century. It is an Art that can no longer be explained by definitions, but must be experienced by emotions.

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