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Emanuele Giannelli & 
Andrea Terenziani

April 06  - May 19 2024

ART&CO Parma in collaboration with PARMA 360 Contemporary Creativity Festival is proud to present a new evocative exhibition entirely dedicated to Emanuele Giannelli and Andrea Terenziani, artists of undisputed success and talent that for the first time here in Parma collaborate by combining their creative geniuses to create an extraordinarily unique experience, a crossover between reality and dream. The setting created by ART&CO not only wants to tell the surreal worlds of Andrea Terenziani, but chooses to explore them from its bowels as if it were a journey beyond the threshold of the Horizon. However, in this journey through suspended realities as archetypal, we are not left alone but guided by silent masters. In fact, the humanoid creatures created by Emanuele Giannelli mark as totems the main path to be taken by warning us to continue to proceed despite doubts, hesitations or fears that often limit and restrain our choices. One of the protagonists of the exhibition is undoubtedly Mr. Arbitrium who invites us to take in hand the reins of our destiny facing what awaits us with determination and will. The works of Giannelli and Terenziani surprise and intrigue by encouraging their visitors to a deep reflection not only on the critical historical moment that we are living torn by continuous crises, wars and violence, but also on the inability of us "civilized and social animals" to connect us with the most primordial, sensitive and authentic part of ourselves.

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