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SERENA ZANIBONI: Artificial Soul

January 27 2023 - 04 March 04 2024

Serena’s mission is not only to warn us against the possible dangers behind such a sudden and all-encompassing technological advance, but above all to create a powerful dedication of love to the feminine creative force and to life itself. A truly unique event organized by ART&CO Parma in which will be presented for the first time in Italy and abroad twenty works created by the artist Serena Zaniboni. In reality she is a multifaceted artist for her skills of Painter, Illustrator, Digital artist, Musician and Performer. Our mono exhibition aims to tell expressively the personal artistic vision of Serena, a surreal and transhuman world that explores the horizons of the digital avant-garde both using the tool of AI and rediscovering the roots of female identity from its most ancient icons to today. Through this innovative and experimental exhibition, our gallery ART&CO wants to re-read the traditional concept of "making art" in the light of contemporary sensitivity: pure energy in continuous transformation.

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